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Penicillin: How Alexander Fleming discovered it

The day penicillin was discovered is still remembered today. Millions of people are still being saved from an untimely death as a result of this discovery. Even after the discovery of penicillin, many scientists have come forward to discover something new about penicillin. But this penicillin was discovered with a very small incident. The world-famous … Penicillin: How Alexander Fleming...

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The real story behind Archimedes principle

The time was 287–212 B.C. It was at this time that the scientist Archimedes discovered his famous Principle. But this principle was discovered not through any long experiment or research. It was discovered centering on an unexpected event. Greece had a small kingdom called Syracuse. Hiero was the king there. He was very capricious and … The real story behind...

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Best Children’s Books by Age

Children’s literature is a significant genre like other genres in literature. From the earliest times of literary composition, people understood that it is very easy to give orders or advice by deceiving children’s stories. That is why from generation to generation, advice or educational stories are spread orally for the little ones. Irish folklore is … Best Children’s Books by...

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Top 10 Children’s books for 6 to 9 year olds

Welcome to the Top10 Children’s Books series. We are making a list of the top ten books in terms of children’s age ratio. The books we choose depend on their sales and readers’ reviews. There are numerous children’s books on the market. Even new writers are writing very good books for the little ones. We … Top 10 Children’s books...

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