Penicillin: How Alexander Fleming discovered it

The day penicillin was discovered is still remembered today. Millions of people are still being saved from an untimely death as a result of this discovery. Even after the discovery of penicillin, many scientists have come forward to discover something new about penicillin. But this penicillin was discovered with a very small incident. The world-famous scientist Alexander Fleming introduced this rare fungus to medical science.

Dr. Alexander Fleming was a resident of London. One of his strange hobbies was keeping germs. He worked in a hospital and in his spare time he used to do research on germs in the laboratory.

One day he came back from work and opened the lid of a box in the laboratory and saw a kind of fungus growing in the box. He examined the box and realized that the germs could not reproduce where the fungus had grown.

Many such incidents happen around us. But we ignore them and get busy with our own work. But scientists are still struggling to find the cause. That day Alexander Fleming also set out to find the cause. At one point he thought that the unknown fungus must have the power to cure the disease. Then he picked up the fungus and started rearing it. At one point he realized it was a very rare type of fungus. Their seeds float in the air.

Fleming named this unknown fungus Penicillium notatum. When they breed, a kind of light yellow juice is secreted from their body. This juice destroys germs.

He first injected this juice into the rabbit’s body. He saw that the rabbit was not harmed. Then one day he applied it to the blood placed on a glass slide. And he realized that there was no bad reaction to the blood.

But Fleming was a chemist. He failed to make a suitable penicillin drug to be injected into the human body.

Then many years passed. World War II was in full swing. Hospitals in Europe are overflowing with wounded soldiers. The bodies of the wounded soldiers are getting poisoned day by day. The statesmen and scientists became very worried. No medicine has yet been discovered to heal wounds quickly.

That’s why scientists organized a conference. All the famous scientists of the world were present there. Alexander Fleming also attended the conference.

During the discussion, he suddenly remembered the fungus called penicillin, which he had discovered a few years earlier. Returning home from the conference, he wrote a large essay on the fungus and sent it to a well-known science magazine.

The magazine fell into the hands of a prominent English scientist named Chain.

He was an associate of the world-famous scientist Flory. For a long time, they had been experimenting with blood.

They were very excited to read Fleming’s article. Then, after a long study, they discovered penicillin as a medicine.

Below are the names of some of the books. You can read the following books to learn more about Alexander Fleming.

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