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Top 10 Children’s books for 3 to 6 year olds

In this age of smartphones, it is a big challenge for a parent to create the minds and thinking of children in the right way. Various scientists and psychologists have discussed in detail the consequences of handing over smartphones to young children from now on. The thing that stands out in the evaluation of their statement is that the smartphones of small children do a lot of harm without doing any good. As a result, in this age, the issue of handing over books (Children’s books) to children has become more relevant. Prose or verse writing is not new for children, and soon after the birth of literature, writing something other than textbooks for children – many writers have thought and written about this subject. A new section of literature called “Children’s Literature” or ”Juvenile literature”  has been created.

There are many books for children in the market. There are many good books. New writers are writing better and better. Yet some classic children’s books still linger in our minds. These are timeless books. Below we have selected some such timeless books. We hope that your child’s childhood will be as happy and lively as ours.

1) Where the Wild Things Are:

This classic children’s book was written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak in 1963.

The story is about a boy named Max, one night he gets dressed as a wolf and makes the whole house brawl. He was then sent to bed without dinner.

Max’s bedroom is transformed into a jungle environment. There he set out on an island full of terrifying beasts. There he succeeded in intimidating the beasts and became their king.

But after a while, she starts to feel lonely and she decides to come back home? But can he come back home?

This 338-word storybook will give a lot of fun and suspense to the little ones. Illustrations throughout the book can enhance children’s imagination.

2) The Story of Ferdinand:

Published in 1936, this timeless classic children’s book is written by Munro Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson.

The story is about a young bull that loves to sit under a cork tree and smell the flowers instead of being aggressive like other bulls.

The young Ferdinand grows up and becomes the strongest bull in the flock.

But like other bulls, he has to go to Madrid to fight bulls.

Want to introduce your little one to Ferdinand? Then you must read this most acclaimed classic book of all time.

3) The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

Published in 1969, the book is written and illustrated by Eric Carle. It is now the best-selling book in children’s literature.

An insect caterpillar comes out of its little egg on a summer Sunday and gets very hungry as soon as it comes out. On Monday he ate a whole apple, on Wednesday he ate three plums. Yet his hunger does not diminish.

Eventually, she makes a cocoon around him and goes to sleep. A few weeks later he woke up and was surprised.

4) Harold and the Purple Crayon:

Published in 1955, the book is written by Crockett Johnson. The protagonist of the story is a four-year-old brave, curious son Harold. One night he decided to go for a walk in the moonlight. But there was no moon. So he draws the moon with his purple pencil. Then he started walking, but there was no walking path. So he draws the path.

Imagination can be created in the mind of a four-year-old child. Harold also created his own world in his imagination.

5) Make way for Ducklings:

The author and illustrator of this book, published in 1941, is Robert McCloskey.

 This classic story about the famous Mallard ducks of Boston won the Caldecott Medal Award in 1942. Known for being the happiest and loudest reading book of all time, this book certainly deserves a place on the children’s bookshelf.

6) The Snowy Day:

Probably no other book has made as much impact on children’s literature as the book The Snowy Day by American author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats.

This book, published in 1962, contains the experience of an African American child seeing the first snowfall.

Keats received the Caldecott Medal in 1963 for this book and its outstanding collage illustrations.

7) Anatole:

Anatole is the protagonist of the story, a rat. Author Eve Titus and Illustrator Paul Galdone wrote ten books on Anatole from 1956 to 1979. Two of these books, Anatole (1957) and Anatole and the cat (1958), have been named Caldecott Honor.

Anatole is a self-respecting rat. He lives in a village outside the city of Paris. She is surprised to hear that people hate rats. But he has to find food for his family. So one night he went to a French cheese factory. There he writes a note on each cheese, such as “good”, “not so good”, “need orange peels” and so on.

The factory workers were surprised to see them the next day, but the reputation of their cheese grew as they obeyed those notes. But they do not know who is doing this benefit. If they knew, would everyone accept Anatole?

If you want to know, you have to read this favorite book of everyone from young to old.

8) The Tiger who Came to Tea:

Published in 1968, the book was written and illustrated by Judith Kerr.

A little girl and her mother were having tea in the kitchen one day. Then the doorbell rang. A tiger joins their tea party. Then strange things happen.

9) The Cat in the Hat:

Dr. Seuss has written an outstanding book for children. His real name is Theodor Geisel. This book was published in 1957. And it easily took its place on the list of classic books for children.

The story begins on a winter and rainy night when a boy is sitting at the window of his house with his sister. Suddenly, a large cat with a magician’s hat on its head miraculously appeared in the room. He says his job is to make the little ones happy. Immediately the pet fish rejects it. The cat’s job is to eat fish. This will eat him up. The cat then balances the fish on the tip of his umbrella. By showing many more such games, the cat gives joy to the children, as well as to the little readers.

10) Llama Llama Red Pajama:

In this book, Anna Dewdney, the beloved of all of us, famous for children’s literature, beautifully illustrates the true needs of a child.

The struggles of the children before going to bed are beautifully portrayed.

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